Passion Pitch | The Debate | The Mother Tongue Challenge

Passion Pitch | The Debate | The Mother Tongue Challenge


Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.


ICT, Beauty, Fashion etc.


Should you sell your vote?


60 secs. in your mother tongue.

Event Will Start In

The shortlisted persons should please call 0703 069 2183 latest 6pm on 1st February 202 for an important update ahead of the grand finale of Passion Buzz 2022 on 3rd February 2022.





Beauty & Body Care

Passion Pitch

Globally and locally, it has been acknowledged that we live in unprecedented and very challenging times during which young people are faced with numerous challenges on the way to birthing their dreams. The PASSION PITCH project is envisioned as a platform that offers aspiring young entrepreneurs the opportunity for their business ideas to be heard by a global audience as well as provide soft skills training and the capital tools they need for their businesses.

Registered and vetted participants will be required to pitch their business ideas and how best they plan to utilize the prize to grow their business. Their pitch will be evaluated by a panel of judges as well as a live audience. Every prize will be won by their individual abilities to convince the audience on the authenticity, need, and projected impacts they plan to make over the first one year. Classical marketing on full display!

Passion Pitch (ICT)

Akwa Ibom Tech Community Prize

We are very excited about this particular partnership opportunity where Akwa Ibom Tech Community will be awarding a brand new laptop to a lucky winner.

Eligibility for Akwa Ibom Tech Community Prize

You must enroll for the Passion Pitch category but you don’t need to run or own a business rather you must select ICT and be a tech enthusiast with laptop challenges, currently practicing or learning any of the following;

  • Software Development
  • Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Video Editing

The task here is simple. Just convince us on why you should be the best person to be given this brand new laptop.

“there is a real buzz about the place… Just come in”

The Debate

In this episode of our debate, opposing teams will argue in the affirmative or otherwise on the topic,


Politicians will bring you GIFTS asking you to vote for them. CITIZENS SHOULD ACCEPT THESE GIFTS.


Mother Tongue Contest

Mother Tongue challenge is one of the signature programs of Passion Edge Media communications limited.

It features citizens take the spot to deliver a talk on a topic decided by the anchor for 6O seconds in their mother tongue without an English word. You win the challenge when you survive the seconds without fail and you loose if you mention an English word.

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