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That morning, as the sun arose over the western hemisphere, the bugler sounded the reveille (morning bugle call), and the entire camp arose from sleep. It was yet another day going forward in our quest to serve the nation, NYSC time. Smartly dressed in my full white on white regalia, complete with white sneakers and freshly brushed row of white teeth, flashing white smiles left and right, I headed to my platoon, participating in the normal early morning drills. Out of nowhere and to my greatest chagrin, someone, a lady stopped me dead in my tracks. She muttered something about my one and only dear Akwa Abasi Ibom State. Abomination! I stopped. I checked. I.pondered. I searched my mind. I calmed myself down. Then, I asked her: Do you know that the first Senior Advocate Of Nigeria was an Akwa Ibom indigene? Do you know that the first commissioned Nigerian Army officer was an Akwa Ibom Indigene? Do you know that the renowned King Jaja Of Opobo, was from Akwa Ibom State? Do you know that the first ever bible translation in Nigeria was in our language( shared with our Efik brothers)? Do you know a Governor of Akwa Ibom State was at the fore front of the fight for Resource Control in Nigeria? Do you know Akwa Ibom has the best collection of traditional dishes in Africa? Jokes aside, Akwa Ibom produces legends. Akwa Ibom is the land of legends. Do you think it is by chance that the legendary Guinness Stout is referred to as “Udeme”? Whenever merit and high performance is the norm, an Akwa Ibom Son and Daughter stands out. Take that to the bank! These special sons and daughters and many more too numerous for this space are the many reasons that we should celebrate our state today and always. Akwa Ibom. Land Of Legends.

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